Fifty Three to Fifty Six: Owens & Kaufert - No Special Interest Left Behind Act

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Owens & Kaufert - No Special Interest Left Behind Act

Censored in 2004, Part 1 Media Rants By Tony Palmeri January, 2005 issue of The Valley Scene

No. 8: Who Paid for the No Special Interest Left Behind Act? Even though it was opposed by every major environmental organization in the state along with Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, Governor Doyle and a bipartisan majority of legislators early in 2004 gave us the "Job Creation Act," a big developer's dream that creates no jobs but lowers no fewer than twenty of the state's environmental standards. Turns out that the governor and legislature received substantial contributions from the special interests behind the bill, including construction, energy, manufacturing, real estate, road building, banking, oil and gas, papermaking industries, and SBC. When Doyle visited Nicolet Papers in DePere to sign the legislation into law, the northeast Wisconsin media did not think it relevant to point out that he alone was the recipient of $1.6 million from these interests during1993-2003, and that more than $6 million went to legislators.

Northeast Wisconsin legislators received generous contributions from these special interests, including $147,370 to John Gard (who claims to represent Peshtigo), $85,554 to Mike Ellis, $50,608 to Carol Roessler, $42,592 to Steve Wieckert, $41,893 to Terri McCormick, $32,599 to Gregg Underheim, $28,399 to Dean Kaufert, and $18,452 to Carol Owens. All data is from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. Clearly it is with good reason that Curt Andersen of the Green Bay News Chronicle calls the Job Creation Act the "No Special Interest Left Behind" Act


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