Fifty Three to Fifty Six: The Company Carol Owens (53) Keeps

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Company Carol Owens (53) Keeps

Carol has aligned herself with this individual -- Teno Groppi. Take a look at his material here --


Good afternoon and welcome to the Wisconsin Marriage Defenders Pro Family Rally! I’m Teno Groppi and we’re here to stand against the encroachment upon the traditional American institution of marriage. We have a great rally lined up, with State Representatives Mark Gundrum and Carol Owens, Family Research Institute Director Julaine Appling, and popular patriotic speaker Dr. Gene Howard. We’re here to support the bills and representatives who advocate traditional marriage and to send a message to Madison that Wisconsin supports traditional marriage. A number of us, including myself, Terry Knutson, Richard Ives, Kip Zeimer, Ron Burns, and others, were spurred to action because of rallies put on by Action Wisconsin and a group called “Queers on the Water” earlier this summer. They are boldly invading our community and we must answer the bell and fight back.Let’s open our rally with prayer by Dr. Howard and our national anthem, sung by Mrs. Janis Hammond:

A crowd like this is exactly why we support legislation on the State and local level. The Supreme Court, President, and Congress in Washington could hardly care about several hundred at a rally in Oshkosh, but our State level representatives have to care about a crowd like this. I wish more of our representatives were like Mark Gundrum and we could trust them to do right without having to beg them with letters, calls, emails, or rallies, but unfortunately many legislators lack that kind of character and we have to hold their feet to the fire with these things.Now let’s enjoy a patriotic number

Before I introduce our first speaker, I want to say a few words about the one area we may have some disagreement, and if the speakers want to give differing views, that’s fine, you can make up your own mind. That’s how America is supposed to work.What we might disagree on is how to handle family and marriage issues at the Federal level. We’re all strongly supportive of our state efforts, like AJR-66 (more later), but I am one who is against a Federal amendment for several reasons. It would require approval of 3/4 the States and a 2/3 majority vote in Congress. It would give the far-away Federal gov’t more authority over our personal lives. Even if they defined marriage properly now, if we ever got an administration headed by President Kerry or Hillary, they would take that same authority we gave them and try to use it against us. A much better alternative on the Federal level was just exercised with the Hostetler bill which used an existing provision of the Constitution to limit courts so they can’t force states to accept homosexual marriages from other states.

It only requires a normal majority vote in Congress and uses our checks and balances system to limit the invasion of gov’t into family matters rather than allowing the Federal gov’t to grow even more intrusive. The Constitution is not the problem, the rouge courts are. They ignore the Amendments we already have - don’t expect them to heed a new one.This same technique could be used to write better bills to prevent courts from ruling for homosexual marriages altogether, without all the trouble ands risk of a Federal amendment. If we struggle to get half of Congress to pass a Hostetler-type bill, why would we think we could get a 2/3 vote for a Federal amendment, unless they had an ulterior motive, such as accumulating power at the Federal level? The State gov’t is much closer to Wisconsin citizens than the federal gov’t in Washington is, and several hundred voters speak much more loudly to local officials than Federal ones. We don’t want a cure that’s potentially as dangerous as the disease.

To change gears now ...Someone said there was a sign here earlier in the week that asked, “What’s wrong with homosexual marriage?” And if that sign is still here, leave it up, because we’re about to get some answers to that from our opening speaker. We’re thrilled to have with us today a tireless crusader for family values. Julaine Appling is the Executive Director of the Family Research Institute and she has a program on WVCY radio, 690 AM in Oshkosh and 107.7 FM from Milwaukee. Here’s our opening speaker, Julaine Appling … Thank you for such eye-opening facts Julaine. I trust many of us heard some things we haven’t heard before. At this time let’s hear another musical number …

We’re very happy to have some State legislators on hand this afternoon, the first to speak will be Rep. Carol Owens. She and Carol Roessler took a verbal pounding at the “Queers on the Water” rally, and I’m glad one of the Carols is here to have her chance to speak back. Carol Roessler couldn’t make it because she has to tend to medical needs of one of her parents, certainly a valid reason to a pro-family forum. She was mocked for not having good family values because she’s been divorced, but can I tell you one big difference is that she is not advocating divorce as something wonderful and recommending it for others. But the pro-homosexual group is advocating their ‘value’ as something that ought to be promoted to society. Carol Owens doesn’t promote that kind of warped ‘value’ either, in fact she’s a co-sponsor of AJR-66, the bill to define marriage in Wisconsin as between one man and one woman. And she’s going to give us a few words about that. We’re elated to have WI State Rep. Carol Owens: ...One more special number:

Many homosexual advocates say all they want is to allow people who love each other to be able to marry, and they’re not in favor of some of the more frightening things we’re concerned with, like polygamy, incest, or pedophilia, but a few things put the lie to that claim. First of all, if loving people should be able to marry, what if a brother and sister wanted to marry? How about a brother and a brother? Or cousins? Or a father and a daughter? What if a dozen people all wanted to marry each other? Homosexuals want to support marriage allowance exceptions for themselves, but not for these other situations. Why, the intolerant bigots! Those hypocrites! Don’t be too alarmed at that terminology, we’ve been called that and worse. Tony Palmeiri called our side the Taliban. Worse yet, the “Gay Rights Platform”, which was proposed by over 200 “gay” rights groups, and read into the Congressional Record, wants to do away with laws against prostitution, laws against incest, and even laws against adult-CHILD sex. They will NOT stop at just homosexual marriage, they want prostitution, incest, pedophilia, and other perversions to follow. If we spank a kid they call it child abuse, but they want to legalize sex with children and think that’s normal.I’m glad not everyone thinks that’s normal, and one of the men fighting for traditional values, and taking a lot of heat from the enemy is State Rep. Mark Gundrum. Rep. Gundrum is the principal author of AJR-66. We’re grateful to have him here this afternoon and looking forward to what he has to say and we want to encourage him to keep up the good fight. Here’s Rep. Mark Gundrum …

We’re grateful to Rep. Gundrum for taking a public stand here today. With 80% of Wisconsinites supporting traditional marriage, there’s no reason more politicians shouldn’t have that kind of backbone.Homosexuals say they simply want equal rights. They HAVE equal rights. They have the same rights as the rest of us, free speech, religious liberty, the right to bear arms, the right to a speedy trial, and all the rest, including the right to marry someone of the opposite sex. They are not seeking equal rights, they are after special privileges. They don’t simply want the right to practice their lifestyle. If they did, it would never become a public issue, because most of us avoid contact with that lifestyle. The only way their sexuality becomes an issue is when they try to shove it down our throats and force us to accept it. Whether we like it or not, this has become the issue of our day. We HAVE to confront it, because it IS confronting us.We’ve got a man who is going to give us the Bible perspective of marriage and sexuality. Without the Bible, there is no standard to determine right and wrong. Public opinion can change. Things like abortion and homosexuality that used to be considered wrong, are often considered right today. Things that are considered wrong today, such as incest and pedophilia, could very conceivably be considered acceptable in the future.

Dr. Gene Howard is an evangelist who is going to show us what the Bible says about this topic. Dr. Howard is also an experienced patriotic speaker. He’s spoken for U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, for candidate Alan Keyes, he’s spoken at gun-rights events, and most recently spoke at the Constitution Party national convention in Valley Forge, PA. He’ll also be conducting the morning services tomorrow at Wyldewood Baptist church at 3030 Witzel Av. at 9:30 and 10:45 AM, and you’re all invited. He also bears an uncanny resemblance in looks and voice to the late actor John Wayne - however he’s speaking for himself this afternoon. Here is, my friend, Dr. Gene Howard …


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It's appalling that sexuality a dn homosexuality are lumped with polygamy, incest, and pedophilia in their bigoted rhetoric.

Why not add serial killers as well. *RME*

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