Fifty Three to Fifty Six: Pung Leschke responds to Hintz (54)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Pung Leschke responds to Hintz (54)

Julie Sets Her Service Record Straight

As your State Representative, I will work with diligence, commitment, honesty and integrity for Oshkosh. My record of leadership and accomplishment in the Oshkosh community speaks for itself. Because my opponent has purposefully misled and deceived you about me, I must give you an explanation of some of his mischaracterizations.

Serving on the Winnebago County Board was an honor. I served a full 2 year term and was elected to a second term. While serving on the Winnebago County Board for nearly four years, I was the voice of the taxpayer by voting against every property tax increase ranging from 6.8% to 12.6%. I voted for cuts, and against increases, in county board pay. The Oshkosh Northwestern called me “a straight arrow” in 1999 and “a strong advocate of change and reform on the board” in 2001. I am proud of my public service, which I juggled while also raising four young sons, a task that any parent knows is not easy.

Because of my meticulous nature and my habit of approaching everything with 110% effort, my dedication to the county board meant my family was suffering. My sons were 16, 15, 14, and 11. With 3 months left to serve--giving others a chance to make the decision to run--I made the difficult decision to resign and take care of my top priority, my family. I make no apologies for prioritizing my young boys at that time.

I also served the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra (OSO) with distinction for 3 months during a difficult transitional time for the OSO in late 2002. In the short time that I worked, I began the process of reconnecting the group with our excellent UWO musicians, recruited our excellent music director (Dr. William LaRue Jones who remains with the symphony), and dealt with the many challenges that face non-profits. In fact, I did not even apply for the job—I called the OSO office to offer to volunteer! The return call from the Symphony was an invitation to me to apply as Executive Director. The position was presented as a 30 hour per week job, and I accepted the job on this premise. It was, in actuality, a 60-70 hour per week job. Again, my family was suffering.

With three sons now in college (and the fourth soon to follow), I’m seeking reform and distinctive service on a larger scale: state government, which I think we can all agree desperately needs reform.

I am proud of my service in Oshkosh, and I won’t be a career politician who forgets about Oshkosh—anyone who knows me knows I’m not capable of that. I’ll examine all sides of every issue and speak with all affected groups before voting on new measures, as I always have.
I prioritized my family over the last 20 years and would never change that. Your family can count on that same kind of prioritization from me in the State Assembly.

Thank you for looking beyond the negative rhetoric and searching for the truth in this race. I hope to earn your vote on Tuesday and pledge to earn your confidence and trust in the 2 years that follow.


November 2, 2006; Winnebago County Board Chair David Albrecht; Oshkosh Northwestern; Letter to the Editor
"Pung Leschke gave 110 percent to county board"
I must respond to the negative and ridiculous charge recently made by Gordon Hintz with regard to Julie Pung Leschke's service on the Winnebago County Board.
As someone who served with Julie on the Winnebago County Board, I can tell you that Julie served effectively with vigor for reform from 1998-2001. She is the kind of person who does everything 110 percent. Raising a family of four young boys requires a 110 percent, as well, and Julie realized she could not serve her constituents effectively as she would have liked because she prioritized her family.
Who can blame her for that?
It is now 2006, and her sons are all grown up. Oshkosh would benefit from Julie's energy and enthusiasm … and she will give 110 percent as your state representative.
David Albrecht, Oshkosh

November 2, 2006; Music Director of the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra Dr. William LaRue Jones; "Julie Pung Leschke for Oshkosh" Radio Ad
"Hi, I'm William LaRue Jones, and I'm music director of the Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra. Julie Pung Leschke was one of the individuals I could always count on when she was the Symphony's Executive Director. In fact, Julie Pung Leschke is one of the main reasons I am the Symphony's Music Director."

November 2, 2006; Former Winnebago County Board Supervisor Mike Hert; "Julie Pung Leschke for Oshkosh" Radio Ad
"Julie Pung Leschke was the voice that County Board members on both sides of the issue sought for input and leadership. In fact, she was the leader in demanding more accountability to the taxpayers. I should know, I'm Mike Hert, and I served with Julie on the Winnebago County Board."



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