Fifty Three to Fifty Six: Kaufert and Assembly Budget

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kaufert and Assembly Budget

The Milwaukee JS covered the republican led assembly budget proposal. According to the piece,

At least one Republican - Rep. Dean Kaufert of Neenah - said he is not sure if he can support the Assembly budget. Kaufert said he was disturbed that both Republicans and Democrats crafted their budgets behind closed doors and "loaded" them with pork and policy items that should be dealt with separately.

"The no-tax-increase budget is a laudable goal, but if you're not going to be upright and upfront and you're going to utilize accounting gimmicks to get there, I don't know if that's what my constituents want me to support," he said.

Read the piece here.

Even the crazies are questioning him for his position.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaufert didn't have any trouble working on budgets behind closed doors in the past.

The Joint Finance Committee meetings are public, but he conviently forgets that before every public meeting there is a closed door pre-meeting where they debate amongst themselves.

7:35 AM  

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